To be eligible for a prize you have to work in a team of at least two, but preferably more. You can work on your own if you want but you won't get one of the prizes.

To be eligible for a prize, each team should have at least one current Computer and Information Science student from Northumbria University. Staff teams and teams from other departments are very welcome to join in, as are friends, family and alumni. 

The prize winners will be decided by the judges. Their decisions will be final. 

Judging of the collaboration prizes will include consideration of the size of the collaboration, the diversity, inclusiveness, physical distance, any description of collaboration tools used, and other factors deemed relevant by the judges. 

The judges can enter work but are not eligible to win a prize.

Submissions should describe who you have collaborated with, and how you collaborated. 

Submissions can be in any form, including a presentation, a video, functioning software, a wireframe, a gif, or a link. 

If you are creating relevant work for elsewehere (e.g. submitting to another hackathon, to an open source project, or creating software for an organisation) you can submit a presentation or video about that work to this hackathon.

All projects must adhere to the Northumbria University codes of conduct and maintain high ethical standards.

All work will remain your intellectual property.